Tarot of the Spirit.

​  The Kabbalistic Tarot Deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. 

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High Priestess. Tarot of the Spirit

High Priestess on/as Tree of Life, from Kabbalah & Tarot of the Spirit

Tree of Life. Path of High Priestess, from Kabbalah & Tarot of the Spirit

Masonic Apron showing Liberty: gift of George Washington to his General, from Freemasonry, W. Kirk MacNulty

Abstract of George Washington's Masonic Apron, from Freemasonry, W. Kirk MacNulty

Pamela Eakins' Self-Portrait as High Priestess



With Pamela Eakins

By Phone or In-Person in Moss Beach, California

The High Priestess holds open the Book of Life to reveal

YOUR Destiny, Purpose, and Meaning. Experience your personal High Priestess Reading with Pamela Eakins now through August 2018. 

Appointment times: Monday through Friday: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00

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The High Priestess Readings correspond with Pamela's presentation on the Tarot Telesummit: "High Priestess, Lady Liberty, & YOU." Listen as Pamela teaches about the High Priestess, enjoy the guided meditation, then follow up with your own private Reading!

TAROT TELESUMMIT INTERVIEW AND GUIDED MEDITATION ON HIGH PRIESTESS! Interview originally aired July 20, 10:00AM. Please log on to listen anytime.

Enter the Mystery.

YOUTUBE AUDIO with Pamela Eakins:


 The High Priestess: Mary, Isis, Liberty, and You. The High Priestess in Tarot is the same Goddess Liberty who stands in the New York Harbor. We know this from the Masonic depictions left to us by the Founding Fathers, who used the glyph of the Kabalistic Tree of Life to constitute the foundational structure of the American Revolution and the American Government. As you listen in, you will learn about the position of the High Priestess on the Tree of Life, and how and why she stands between Enlightened Consciousness and the emergence of Universal Creation.