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​  The Kabbalistic Tarot Deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. 

Responses from Recipients of Free Readings: 

Dear Pamela, I am in awe at how exactly on-target this reading is for me, for right now! It describes so closely what my thinking and acting is focusing on, that I'm brought to tears of Truth and Knowing. Thank you. Marcella McGee

Pamela, Thank you so dearly for the past several Tarot of the Spirit readings. Each has come at such important moments and has been truly inspiring to me. It is an amazing testament of who you are, and what you let shine through you that you send these so consistently: an outpouring of love, light and life!!! Thank you so truly, and...
Blessings to you in this time of darkening and Joy. Holly E.

Since 2004, Tarot of the Spirit, book and cards, have been central to my growth toward personal reconciliation and consciousness. The book is now tattered and the cards have soft edges. I can't imagine how I would have found my way on this journey without these tools. I love how the deep wisdom and mystery of all sacred teachings and traditions are woven into a pattern of interaction, giving a picture of cosmic wholeness that I haven't found in any other writings. Thanks and Blessings to both you and your mother for these resources. It has truly been a transformative, ongoing experience. I am convinced that, over the years, I have been able to be in contact with my higher self through the cards and readings.
Thank you for the Free Readings.  Judith Hall

Dearest Pamela, Thank you so much.  I thank you so much.The reading was amazing.  I picked up your book afterwards and the cards and began reading.  The book is alive for me.  I feel/hear/see your wisdom throughout.  I just kept saying, "YES!"  Barbara, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Pamela, Thank you so much! I always feel so grateful whenever I receive a reading from you. This is spot on where I am at right now, It is so amazing and is so helpful. It is a great reminder that this stillness is so important as I feel like I am naturally beginning this already. It is a practice as well and the meditations I have also started daily, a re-centering and re-grounding whenever I can at any moment. It is beautiful to think of what could come if I continue and stay on this path that I am drawn on. Much Love to you and Thank you Again!! Suzanne

Pamela--I've been sitting here this morning (it's 7.30am here) crying over what has been one of the most difficult times of my life.  I had no idea HOW to move out of the darkness, what I need to do to change things or what I need to change in myself, and then I got your reading.  I don't know how you do it.  Today's reading was like the touch of an angel. The clouds parted and I could see the sun again.  I've printed it out to read again and again and as soon as I get the opportunity later in the day, I'll be getting in touch with that 'Deep Self' and planting some seeds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a blessing.  Allison

Dear Pamela - I hope that the readings never stop! Please know that I consider this a great gift. It is a great source of inspiration, love and support. These readings help me tap into that part of myself that gets lost sometimes and helps me remember of the kind of person I strive to be. I thank you so much!!  Love to you, Lee

Pamela, I really appreciate your readings. They have helped me, reassured me, inspired me. I always look forward to them, and find them amazingly apt and perceptive. Please keep sending them if possible, I value them very much.  Sincerely, Kara

Yes I do need to know that  God's angles are still fluffing my wings. Thank you for always keeping the light on my Path.  Charie

Yes Pamela, I feel that Leo energy so much right now and feel that nothing can stop the onward movement and that everything is flowing freely and swiftly.  And I'm feeling no fear.  Thanks so much for these readings. Namaste, Belinda

Thank you so much Pamela! This is wonderful music to my ears. Your readings have helped me slow down and introspect at critical times. You always know when to send them!  I can't tell you how grateful I am for these gifts. Big things are happening! Yours in light, Paige :)

I just can't believe how apt your cards are for me.  Today's card had me sobbing rivers of tears as it comes at a time that I am contemplating going back into business for myself as a healer and counselor and facing the fears and insecurities that made me quit in the past.  Thank you for doing this.

Dear Pamela - Every time I open my e-mail and see a reading from you I am so inspired and so happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful gift and your light with us. Much love to you, Lee

Thank you Pamela! I've been so busy I just got this today. The Desert Way is exactly what I've been feeling and just got that sign and relief in the last couple of days. Wow is all I can say and I say it every time I get a reading from your cards and now you. This is especially meaningful to me as is today's card. I cannot express in words how much you have impacted my life through your work. Thank you with all the greatest blessings the Universe could possibly provide to you! And me, and all of Us. With love, Christine Marya

God Godly goodness Pamela! That is a HOT reading. Whooo  I feel ready. THANKS!!! love, Ena, San Francisco

Wow, Pamela--you certainly are gifted. This email reading came right as I was making a major decision about my future. Now I know it was the right one.  Blessings, Lucy.

Dearest Pamela, My heart is full of gratitude for the the beauty of this tarot reading.  This is so right on it's almost scary.  It mirrors exactly what is transpiring in my life right now.  I have been feeling like a seed buried under the soil that is full of potential and waiting for the right elements to nurture and feed me so I am able to grow into full blossom.  This state of being has felt very vulnerable and raw, at points almost a little crazy making, as I really don't recognize myself at the moment.  I feel like I've been flooded with "old wound" memories that call to be released and am just started to emerge from a deep internal process.  Nurturing myself, as the reading says, is one of the keys to unlocking the seeds potential.  Many blessings to you and the work that you do. Thank you. Patricia Andrews

The reading was so right on! Thank you.  I finally got it. I was all feeling sorry for myself and sad, feeling like I was just completely broken-hearted. And the strangest thing happened, I felt like something had been lifted and I just "got it." I know now what this was all about and what it has shown me.  I have actually gotten a small blessing from it. And I had felt like I regressed, but gladly now not so much! It took a few months, but I got there. Heartache not totally gone, not sure if it ever leaves you the same, but changes you in ways you don't expect.  Thank you for these lovely reading gifts Pamela. I don't know if you have a clue about what I'm talking about but, believe me when I tell you, this reading made complete sense. I never stop being amazed at how the universe twists and turnsand eventually everything seems just as it should be. Spirit works with us and hears us and loves us! Be Blessed, Donna

Tarot of the Spirit is a mighty piece of work you and your mom have channeled or how ever you want to say it. I have been using it as my core divination tool ever since you gave me instruction on using it.  It is the best one I have used, and I have been doing these things for 40 years.  Yours is POSITIVE and deep and pulls no punches. Sandy Miranda, San Francisco

You are a ray of sunshine in this media-dark time.  Thanks for the reading.  I'm getting my cards set up NOW.  Hugs, Margie, Livermore, CA

Happy Sunday, Pamela.Your reading feels 100% accurate and resonates with what I've also intuited. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with validations. Sometimes an intuitive needs to use an intuitive to serve as a physical manifestation of spiritual principles. With gratitude, appreciation, awe and blessings for bliss, Joanne (JP) Stein, MS Ed., Joyologist", Expert in the Art and Science of Joy

Dear Pamela, Thank you so much!  I too was surprised by all the family members and 2 of them fire! All that spirit and energy! And then the Sister water to keep my reflection close at hand.  It’s like reminding me to keep my emotions in tact and not to forget that I need time to reflect (water; mirror = reflection) to keep me in balance.  I will keep this reading close at hand, and use it for meditations.  I keep focusing on your class so the universe will respond in some way!  Blessings and love, and again much gratitude for taking the time for little ole me!  I feel like I am a somebody, you actually took the time to read for me! How special it makes me feel and how special you are!  I don’t know quite how to put into words what your act of kindness means to me.  I view you as one of my superstar mentors and well, I am just so touched and taken aback.  This is going into my journal. With much admiration, Nanette Church

Dear Pamela, Many times in the past your readings have been my inspiration, but today, the reading you sent me regarding "financial difficulties" and the way to overcome, you could have been inside my mind.  Your reading stopped me in my tracks, made me take a deep breath, say Thank You for all that I am, that I have and all the support from the Universe, my guides and apparently yours too.... THANK YOU for taking the time and BLESS YOU!!!!  Kind Regards, Rina
Dear Beloved Sister, I feel so supported by you! Thank you, thank you! I spent the week-end journeying through breath....around "Effortless Prosperity"....Releasing what was not in alignment w/ my Higher Self...and my sacred path of service! Releasing the self-sabotage and embracing my heart more fully! I am ready to be in my  power and accept the success that is coming my way! You are a blessing and I am grateful! Thank you for providing clarity around the path I am to walk!  In love, Lonna Bartley

Pamela, you are a GEM! Thank you. Love and light, Danna, NYC


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