Tarot of the Spirit.

​  The Kabbalistic Tarot Deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. 

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Love is The Way.

Enter the Mystery.


     Open Your Consciousness.

     Claim Your Universal Power.


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"Masterful.  Complex, yet beautifully simple and refined."  --U.S. Games

"Best-selling.  Gorgeous.  Seminal.  A guide for those seeking lasting balance in their lives."  --Samuel Weiser & Red Wheel Press

"By drawing upon the history of spiritual traditions, and the power of the Tarot, and the magical symbols that stretch back through the ancient history of the Qabalah, Pamela and Joyce Eakins, in their magnificent Tarot of the Spirit, have woven a daily practice with a cosmological vision that can lead you into eternal life.  A new phase of Earth's vibrancy is beginning.  Don't miss another second of it!"  --Brian Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon & The Universe Story (with Thomas Berry)

“In dramatic beautiful paintings Tarot of the Spirit illuminates the precise wonders of the Tarot's esoteric tradition. This is a deck that really stands out amongst the flood of Tarots over the last few decades.”  Rachel Pollack, 78 Degrees of Wisdom

"Tarot of the Spirit honors the traditional tarot patterns and functions as an unsurpassedvehicle for making the spiritual journey with a qabalistic orientation."  --Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook

"The Tarot is a self-teaching psychic and spiritual system of infinite variety, and to get the most out of it, one needs to 'do one's own thing' whilst retaining respect for its basic structure and tradition.  Pamela and Joyce Eakins in their own approach provide a good example of just how to do that."  --Gareth Knight, A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism

I am impressed by all that you do for the Great Work. Tarot of the Spirit is gorgeous and so are you. Thank you for helping to raise the planetary vibrations in such creative, loving ways.  --Arisa Victor, Thursday Night Tarot (with Jason Lotterhand)

"A substantial work.  Striking.  Complete and sensitively written."    --NAPRA

"A banquet.  Coming from a deep spiritual place."  --The New Times

"Vibrant.  The cards have a movement and depth that surpasses other decks.  Pamela's interpretations are consistent with other writers, but the level of information is both broader and more spiritual, so I am more satisfied with the quality."  --New Age Retailer

"A transformational journey of the soul through meditation and divination."  --Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles

"Magic abounds in this radiant book and deck of spirit!  In the alchemy of this sacred journey into deep earth, you are healed by its primal waters and carried on the winds of inspiration into the fire cauldron of transformation.  Hurray for the tarot and the Eakins!  A winner that blesses the fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters within us all into the great collective family.  Read the book, pick a card, and be renewed in this wondrous fountain of love and artful wisdom that takes you to the moon and sun and beyond!"  --James Wanless, Voyager Tarot

"Pamela Eakins is a powerful new voice teaching tarot traditions.  She shows how the evocative symbolism of Tarot of the Spirit works with the ancient tarot, revealing new perspectives that can move you deeper into the heart of truth.  Here is a fresh opportunity to celebrate your strengths and explore the eternal wisdom of your own creative imagination."  --Mary K. Greer, William Blake Tarot

"If you have an interest in symbology, subliminals, and optical illusions, then I very much recommend that you pick up copies of Tarot of the Spirit."  --Intuitive Explorations Book Reviews

"Vibrant and colorful."  --The Tarot Network News

"The Tarot of the Spirit book is a great storehouse of information and the deck is a beautiful collection of art.  And the back of the book is impressive.  Mary Greer, James Wanless and Gareth Knight all sing the praises of this book there."  --American Tarot Association

"When traveling on the spiritual path what better tool to get you to your destination than The Tarot of the Spirit.  Whatever I say about it doesn't do it justice.  I'm amazed at the insight and wisdom I get from this masterful work."  --Visions & Dreams Insights Book Reviews

"Expertly developed.  Inspiring.  An excellent production.  Well Done!"  --Friends Review

"Tarot of the Spirit contains a beautifully nurturing sense of the human condition.   Very impressive."  --Spiritual Studies Center Booknews

"For the adept, this is a must have addition to your collection.  Highly recommended."  --Sage Woman


I love and appreciate the work you have dedicated to the Tarot of the Spirit. The cards have such depth that many others sets lack. The journey I have taken over many years allows me to see and know that depth, so thank you for giving expression to the inexpressible. You have done amazing work.  I've had the deck for 20 years or more.  I loved using them for my own personal journey which commenced 25 years or so years ago. It bought me so much comfort and clarity. It spoke to my heart and soul and got me through many challenging moments. Thank you so much. xo. Warmest Regards, Kerry Kirwan, Australia

Pamela, I just wanted to let you know how amazing your talk was at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium. I loved experiencing the energies in that way and feel even more connected to your deck. Tarot of the Spirit is really a gift to the planet.  Thank you, Jeri Lawson, Reiki Master, Clarity Breathworker, Healing Touch Practitioner

After studying the lessons of Tarot of the Spirit, I published my novel,Stoked!, which reviewers praised, comparing it to Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. But the novel's truths are based on the profound insights and teachings gained from Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit. Bill Morris, author of Stoked! published by New Sun Publications.

Tarot of the Spirit is critical in my transformation process towards a different understanding of my human experience. It provides for me an oracle where the mapped and unmapped neuronal networks in my brain meet resulting in an enhanced range of self. I consult with Tarot of the Spirit every night before going to sleep. In the morning my consciousness is reborn with insights and clear intentions. Mirella G. Zulueta, M.D., Ph.D., Biological Systems & Consciousness Neurobiologist, Toronto

Tarot of the Spirit has been an ongoing source of insight and guidance for me. As a woman whose profession demands the analysis of facts and circumstances in the "real world" my work with Tarot of the Spirit has provided a means to stay connected and balanced in the spiritual world by keeping my intuitive voice alive and thriving. Lisa Lambert, Attorney, Fresno, CA

 As a poet, fiction writer and evolving human being, I strive to spend most of my time in the realm of possibility. For the past five years, Tarot of the Spirit by Dr. Pamela Eakins has been a profound navigational tool for my personal and professional journey. It is an elegant bridge between the physical and metaphysical world. Tarot of the Spirit is a brilliant synthesis of the great wisdom literature of the world, including philosophy, theology, spirituality, alchemy, and mythology. It is highly original, filled with superb art, and a stunning array of practical and mystical insights. If you want to hone your intuition and delve more deeply into the great mystery of your life, this book is required reading on a regular basis. 
Karon Luddy, Author of Spelldown and Wolf Heart, a book of poems, Charlotte, NC

Amidst the electronic bustle of the California "Silicon Valley" in the late 1990's, I discovered Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth and the Hero with a Thousand Faces. A powerful force inside my being woke up, and I set off to deepen my own relationship with the diverse languages of Spirit. I searched for two years, looking for an entry point into the study of a symbolic language of the mysteries. At the old Gaia bookstore in Berkeley I found the CabbalisticTarot of the Spirit and encountered its author, Pamela Eakins. As keenly as I felt the impact of Joseph Campbell's work I felt an intense connection to the integrity and power of the Tarot of the Spirit. It is over 15 years later and I am still plumbing the depths of that conversation with all the forces of creation embedded in the images and language of the Tarot of the Spirit. 
Pamela D. Wylie, Senior Buyer, American La France, Charleston, SC

 I've been a Tarot "student" for thirty years.  I find Tarot of the Spirit a wonderfully comprehensive and positive supplement when I am searching for meaning in any one card or in a spread, both for myself and others.
Catherine Latta, Writer and Hedge Fund Analyst, Woodside, CA 

During the course of going through the book, Tarot of the Spirit, a chapter at a time, under the guidance of Dr. Pamela Eakins, negative influences (including people) were cast off and doors I never dreamed existed-doors to wisdom, people, and jobs-began opening to me synchronistically, in positive fulfilling ways I could never have imagined. Looking back, to the start of my association with Tarot of the Spirit in 1994, my 7 years of studying with Dr. Pamela was a positively life altering experience. Marge Jergentz-Stout, Recreation Therapist, Massage Therapist, Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapist, Livermore, CA

I have used the Tarot of the Spirit for basically every aspect of my life! I ask about everything from buying a new car, to asking if I should become involved with a new person. I HAVE asked about my business, FANTASYMAKERS® Marionettes. Should I keep doing it? How is it serving the world? I start 30 years next year & still going, because of the great guidance given to me because of these very special, totally all encompassing cards. I have grown from the High Priestess & Sister Water to the Empress, (my fiancé is the Emperor). My father Dr. B studied with Paul Foster Case. I gave him a set for his B'day one year, before his transition & he felt they where 1 of the best decks he had seen. He was Dr. Rev. William Townsend (Dr. 'B') a Religious Science Minister, in S.CA&Tucson, AZ. He had about 50 decks! I give sets to my friends, most recently last May. To another minister! He thinks they are good, too! I do a 10 card spread for friends for their B'Days & for me, too, of course. I also do one for the New Year. I pull cards asking random questions about how to help the world & the best direction I can go in any area of my life. I did a reading for a man, who did not believe in them. I pulled the Devil card & as he was my business partner, I thought it must have been wrong. I put it back. & as it turned out about a year later, he DID turn into the devil card! Amazing. It was a great experience of learning about forgiveness! This set is SO totally complete. The research is amazing!! Starr~Light Taylor, Third Generation Marionette Artist, Sedona, AZ  

Tarot of the Spirit has been an extraordinary part of my life for fourteen years. At times of crisis in life, especially emotional crisis, I use Tarot of the Spirit for clarity, insight and comfort. The deep truths that they help reveal inside my own spirit continues to guide me on the journey. Milissa Carey, Actor and Acting Teacher, San Francisco, CA

Tarot of the Spirit has been and is an invaluable tool for me to use. Just as a 5-in-one tool from a hardware store assists its user in a myriad of ways, so for me the Tarot of the Spirit has assisted me in a myriad of ways, from clarity on road blocks I could not see clearly; to guidance in the direction I am to take both in the physical world and in my internal world; to teaching me how to be in the world when I am unsure. Pamela Kharaka, Interfaith (ICAW) Minister, Palo Alto, CA 

Tarot of the Spirit is like an ongoing conversation with a trusted spiritual mentor as the journey of life unfolds. This oracular tool has seen me through all the major initiations of my life, including a recent near death experience. Upon emerging from a coma, I turned to this comfortable and trusted system of knowing only to draw the Mystery Card. The meditation from this card was my constant inspiration and companion as I physically and spiritually recovered. 
Lisa DiPlacido, Psychologist, Coach, San Francisco, CA

Tarot of the Spirit came to my life when I struggled between running a small business for survival and finding my soul's true purpose. Whenever I consulted with Tarot of the Spirit, I always received the messages that reflected exactly where I was and guided me through my blind spots to open a new horizon in my consciousness. Thirteen years have passed since I first received the gift of Tarot of the Spirit. Its powerful sacred messages continue to deepen my awareness and empower my work in fulfilling my soul purpose. Akasa Tseng, M.A., Shamanic Sound Ceremonialist

I am a counselor.  I have been using Tarot of the Spirit for over a decade.  I use it at the end of every session.  It magically wraps up and reinforces everything that transpired in the session.  I then mail a copy with pictures of the cards to the client after the session.  I honor this work and the energy behind it.
MollieO Patrick, Intuitive Counselor, Mountain View, CA

Tarot of the Spirit has guided me for over a decade. The wisdom, spirit and love within these divinely inspired pages are like gentle hands leading me again and again to healing, wellness and wholeness. Tarot of the Spirit and its truly gifted author Dr. Pamela Eakins were the first sweet nectar my starved soul found on its journey to wholeness. You were the oasis in my desert of the soul. I thank you Tarot of the Spirit and Pamela & Joyce Eakins for giving me years and years of guidance, helping me to find my way. Without your guidance I would not have become a mother or been able to move into my current career where my heart and soul can grow and sing. Thank you! Sue Martin, MA, Adjunct Professor, John F. Kennedy University; Somatic Practioner, Berkeley, CA; Author, Using the Body's Wisdom to Heal Trauma

Tarot of the Spirit helped me save my life. With the guidance of the Tarot of the Spirit and the Tarot of the Spirit deck, I rediscovered my sense of who I am. Going through a soul destroying divorce, full of doubt and with a wounded self-esteem I found guidance using Pamela and Joyce Eakins’ Tarot of the Spirit deck and accompanying book. I truly was in a state where my soul had left me and I essentially did not exist, I felt as if I was adrift in the vast vacuum of outer space. My journey of rediscovery was aided by the year long program of the Fool’s Journey with Pamela with guided meditations based on each card in the tarot deck, using the vivid descriptions in the book,Tarot of the Spirit, to form a base from which to explore. As a Nurse midwife for 25 years I look at the world from a magical perspective. The Tarot of the Spirit allowed me to be true to my spiritual essence while on this difficult journey of healing. Michelle Johnston, Nurse-Midwife and Associate Clinical Professor of Midwifery, San Francisco

I was greatly aided in recovering from the loss of our son Joey.  Tarot of the Spirit helped me to live through the grief. That was in 1992. Mary Louise Parker

My daily 'throw' with Tarot of the Spirit gives me focus and teaches me to pay attention to the details of my life. The cards provide guidance to what is important for that day and what THIS very day is about.  I am often amazed at how accurate the morning reading is when looking back at how the day actually evolved. Frequently I am given much deeper understanding of an event that might have occurred when I reflect upon the daily 'throw'. Learning to pay attention to what may seem like trivial events reveals insights I might have missed.  I love the Tarot and have found the beautiful cards and the exquisite essays to be very, very helpful in keeping to my spiritual path. Yvonne Leever, Reiki Master, Rough & Ready, CA

The timeless archetypes of the Tarot of the Spirit, the profound journey work of meditating with the cards, opens a deep doorway inside me. All of life’s many lessons come into clearer focus with such an ancient and powerful system to access. I have been broadened and deepened by my study and experience with the Tarot and the Kabbalah through Pamela’s book and teachings. I look for the archetypes moving through my life and try for that spiritual perspective much sooner, now. Through life losses (parents with dementia, illness, financial struggle,) or joys, I try to apply the lessons learned from studying the Tarot and the Tree of Life with Pamela, and to receive their insights. They always broaden my perspective so I am not caught up in fear or sadness, but see the opportunities being presented, as well. I can see how losses are cutting away the deadwood in myself that needs to go, and tempering my point of view. In the case of my parents declining into dementia and Alzheimer’s, I focused on the Wheel of Fortune, and on staying in the still point in the middle of the wheel, practicing compassionate detachment from the situations and the behaviors, which were profoundly upsetting. In general, my spiritual journey is enlarged by being in contact with the mysteries and by Pamela’s brilliant writing and teaching which makes them accessible. Kathy Carlson, MA, PhD, MFT, Film Producer, Writer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 
Half Moon Bay, CA 

Whenever my life has changed suddenly; whenever I feel ill-at-ease; whenever I need clarification regarding the path I am on - I turn to Tarot of the Spirit. It has always been accurate, enlightening and helpful. An invaluable tool on my Journey.... 
Denise A. Dupree, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Seattle, Washington 

Tarot of the Spirit is THE tarot book. Each card is written with such rich depth that offers a path for an alchemical transformation. I don't just love the book - it's as though the book loves and knows me. Melanie DewBerry-Jones, Professional Speaker, Author & Coach, Half Moon Bay, CA

I have used the Tarot of the Spirit book and deck for perhaps over 10 years.  Often I lay out the Mandala spread to get insight into what is occurring, what my mind is creating and what the essence of the situation is.  There have been periods when this has been a daily reflection because the period I was passing through was just too barren or dark for me to trust my clarity due to mind's deluded way of laying it's story over situations. Judith Avalon, Spiritual Care Coordinator for Hospice

 I've found your edition of the Tarot of the Spirit created invigorating and original use of spiritual symbology.  Over the years of personal study, I've been personally attracted to symbology as a way to understand our Journey.  Your illustrated book gives more insights for the Truth Student. Roberta Herzog, D.D., Archbishop, International Church of Ageless Wisdom, Reader of The Akashic Records 37 years, Author:  The Akashic Records; Your Journey Through Time, Beauty Unknown, Ancient Wizdom Stories

The Tarot of the Spirit is a wonderful tool that I have been using since 1995, for myself and for my students in Tarot classes that I teach. Not only has this book and deck helped me to make life decisions it has served as a daily oracle leading me in positive life-affirming directions. My students are in awe of the depth of the readings that they receive while using the cards. When using the cards there is a sense of the elusive connection to the world of Spirit. David Attwood, Tarot Teacher and Tarot Consultant 

Tarot of the Spirit has opened up new channels of thought for me. The Tarot of the Spirit is teaching me to let go of material and turn inward for answers and knowledge. Jocelyn Sherron, Pacifica, CA 

Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins and Joyce Eakins is the most amazing tarot book and deck I have ever encountered. It is alive! It scintillates literally with Spirit and the deep and true mystery of the Universe working through the archetypal energies of the cards and the book itself. The writing in the book is the best I've ever read and it brings me deeper and deeper into my soul and the ever unfolding journey of my spiritual path of awakening. It serves my life and my being every day and acts as a guide to living in harmony with my Self, my Life and the entire Universe. Santon LaVie (aka: Jenifer Todd), Founder & Director of the Global Healing Forum 

Tarot of the Spirit led me into deep and wonderful studies of the Tarot and the Qabala with author Pamela Eakins in her classes and work shops, but after reading many other books and using many other decks, there is none I like better. From time to time, I give myself the treat of a reading from this fabulous resource, and it always gives me new useful insight and a lift of my own spirit....fantastic. Dr. Rev. Will Mayo, Engineering Consultant, Minister ordained in the International Church of Ageless Wisdom, Huntington Beach, CA

Your deck and book "found" me about 12 years ago when I was house sitting in Montara and was having coffee at McCoffee's in Half Moon Bay. I have used your beautiful deck and your truly transformative book ever since.  I started out using it for myself and gradually began reading for others. Tarot of the Spirit has become an integral part of my service to the Universe and it continues to nourish all who come in contact with this most sacred oracle. There are so many stories to tell, and yet they seem unnecessary to relate to you, since I have the sense that you already know them,  having had your own similar encounters with the power of spirit in your own life as you work with this deck.  I have listened to many of your earlier cassette tapes of major arcana card workshops you gave. My favorite is the High Priestess.  Bless you again and again,  and your mother as well for her gorgeous paintings which were used to create the deck. I never grow tired of looking at the cards, and they often move me deeply. In the Light!  Char Stellamaris, Clear lake, WI