Created by daughter-mother team Pamela Eakins and Joyce Eakins.  

Tarot of the Spirit is the classic Kabbalistic Tarot deck and book published by US Games and Samuel Weiser/RedWheel, Inc.. Every card was painted on a diagram of the Tree of Life. For the 21st Anniversary of the deck, US Games scanned each original painting with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The deck, recreated in its original pristine form, is now printed out card-by-card in its true Kabbalistic colors. When Joyce saw the 21st Anniversary deck for the first time, she cried tears of joy. She said, "This is the way Tarot of the Spirit was always meant to be."

The 21st Anniversary Tarot of the Spirit comes with a transparency of the Tree of Life which can be overlaid on each card to enhance understanding.

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Pamela Eakins & Joyce Eakins



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A thousand years ago Joyce Eakins did a painting entitled “Someday I’ll Live By the Sea.”  So after one hundred and eight years of painting and exhibiting her work nationally and internationally, teaching painting at the university level, teaching yoga, and working with the KabBalistic Tarot of the Spirit, she was led to the yellow house at the edge of the world, where she now resides.  Living where land and sea and sky connect, an ever deeper level of awareness is unfolding. In this higher vibratory field, a new dimension of being is evolving—consciousness is expanding, boundaries are dissolving, and the joy of cosmic awareness is completely claiming her. Her creativity is flourishing.  Joyce realizes now, that all the events of her life have been guided by her spiritual aspiration.

Painting the Tarot of the Spirit was one of the most rewarding, satisfying and adventurous privileges ever granted to her. She felt a strong intuitive urge to create this work. It demanded discipline, responsibility and sharp discernment. Once the work was started, cosmic creativity took hold—deeper and deeper intuitions came forth—a new sense of enlightenment sparked her being. Working, through the years with Tarot of the Spirit, has been an infinite labor of love.  

Through Tarot of the Spirit, Joyce Eakins has entered into  realm after realm, arriving at last in the heart of visionary cosmology, where she is painting the hearts and hands that are shaping the future of the Universe with the infinite power of Love.

Enter the Mystery.


     Open Your Consciousness.

     Claim Your Universal Power.

Tarot of the Spirit.

​  The Kabbalistic Tarot Deck by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. 

Copyright Tarot of the Spirit. All rights reserved.

Anciently of the Clan Eakins of the Isle of Skye, Pamela Eakins is a scribe, sculptor, minister, professor, and peacemaker.  She has taught at the University of Colorado, Stanford University, and the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Pamela founded Pacific Center in 1990 and Terra Nova Seminary in 2016, where she teaches courses dedicated to personal transformation, cosmological understanding, and practices of peace.  She is the author of Tarot of the Spirit, Kabbalah and Tarot of the Spirit, The Lightning Papers: 10 Powers of Evolution, Visionary Cosmology: The New Paradigm and many more books.

Writing Tarot of the Spirit and working with it over the years has been the most amazing experience of Pamela's life. This profound spiritual work--stunning in its scope of time and space--has awakened within her a sense of cosmic alignment.  The Universe has come alive.  She knows now that the Cosmos is a living entity full with signs, symbols, and synchronicities that offer guidance every minute of every day.  More than that, Pamela Eakins has learned that she, herself, is Universe itself on the fabulous journey of passionate creativity.  

As Pamela writes in Tarot of the Spirit, "Together, we will find the seeds of new life and bring form to fruition.  We shall create a new world in the image of our inner Vision.  We have only to imagine it and it will become."  

In Tarot of the Spirit, Pamela Eakins plants 100,000 seeds of awakening.

Visit Dr. Pamela Eakins at www.pamelaeakins.net.